NMR Puts My Damn Channel’s Danny Abrahms On The Therapist Couch With His Series ‘Self-Help’ [INTERVIEW]

I like YouTuber Danny Abrahms, and I think you should like him too. Why? Because I told him that I wasn’t a fan of his series “Self-Help” which releases through My Damn Channel, and then I asked him questions anyway, which he gamely answered, knowing full well that I could unleash savage hellfire on his show in the process. Abrahms has got moxie, a cool premise, and, as of today, three episodes online for me and the rest of you vultures to pick through.

“Self-Help” is his series of (so-far) seven vignettes about a young man interacting with his therapist … who just so happens to be his id. As in, it’s a quaint little show about the conversations a guy has with his own mind in the course of social interaction. He battles the relatable stuff — anxiety, self confidence, p*nis skill, etc. that many young men just like him (and me … and, possibly, you) endure on a daily basis. So in a way, it’s entertaining AND cathartic.

And you know what? I enjoyed this third episode immensely. So as long as Danny can hold to the cutting witticisms and avoid the treacle (these are writer buzzwords and I assure you they mean nothing), he — and My Damn Channel — have a cool little property on their hands. You can believe me of course, or you can decide from my interview with Danny after the jump.

How did you attract the attention of My Damn Channel?

Danny Abrahms: I met Rob Barnett and Eric Mortensen at the New York Television Festival, where “Self-Help” was a semifinalist for the MSN Short-Form Storytellers Challenge. Rob was a panelist in the festival, and Eric was taking meetings with different producers. We hit it off and after I showed them a couple more episodes, and they offered me a partnership with My Damn Channel in November.

What was your inspiration for “Self-Help”?

“Self-Help” was originally just a one-off sketch I shot back in October 2012. At the time, I was just shooting random sketches with some improv friends, but that particular sketch seemed to get the most attention in my Facebook community. A few different people encouraged me to turn it into a series and make more episodes, so I took their advice. It worked out really nicely. The series made the most sense from a production standpoint and comedic standpoint, and also I feel like it had something to say.

Do we get to experience the world outside your head as your “therapist” guides you in social situations?

Right now I’m totally immersed in exploring the main character’s relationship with himself, as weird as that sounds. It’s the foundation of the series, and after shooting seven episodes, I still feel like there’s a lot to cover. That said, if/when I feel like I’ve sufficiently explored that
relationship, I could definitely see the series opening up to the outside world and other characters. Maybe that’s what season two will be about, if the series goes that far.

What were you up to before “Self-Help”?

I was writing and shooting sketches as I mentioned before, and I also was (and still am) doing a lot of improv here in L.A. A lot of my comedy stems from my training at UCB Theatre. I’ve been going in and out of stand-up too.

Sell me and everyone else: why should we watch?

To laugh and realize you’re not alone.

Do you think you’ll become a fan of “Self-Help” now? Or will you at least check it out? You’d damn well better…

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