No Prank Here: YouTube Songstress Madilyn Bailey Is Engaged [VIDEO]

Okay, this is definitely an exciting news day!

NMR friend Madliyn Bailey just posted an engagment video to her YouTube channel! Believe me, my heart is broken too because her beau, YouTuber JimboSliceofLife seems like a really great guy.

And when I say great guy, I don’t mean like rides a motorcycle and fights sharks, I mean like is going to be a doctor to help the world kind of great guy. And if Madilyn calls him her best friend, I guess we can’t be anything but excited for her (even though we kind of wanted to marry her too). And to prove it’s not some sort of April Fools gag, they actually got engaged on Valentine’s Day, though they kept the engagement a secret ‘til now — or we would have let you all know about it when Madilyn hung out with us and Flula at Playlist Live to do an amazing cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

Here’s wishing the two all the best. And to show there are no hard feelings Jimbo, we’ve posted a video so our readers can get to know you better too. Congrats to you both! NMR loves weddings!

Let us and Madilyn know what you think about the engagement, hit us up in the comments below.

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