Audience! Bro Army! Moosh Army! Niches! Smoshers! Insert other channel collective audience name here!

We’ve fought it out on the battlefields, on the comments boards and forums across the internet. But there can only be one channel to rule them all. To celebrate Playlist Live this weekend, NMR and Playlist have joined forces to anoint the Playlist Rockstar!

Whether you’re in the trenches at Playlist or fighting from behind the scenes at home, we’re asking you to draw a line in the sand, cast your votes and hashtag us on your Twitter feed.

Dotted around the Playlist arena, you’ll see the special NMR viral video voting booths. Show support for your favorite channel by posting photos with the hashtag #playlistrockstar.

We will announce the winner after Playlist and give one YouTuber the honor of wearing the prestigious, legendary, never-worn-before NMR Playlist Rockstar crown, forged in the fires of Party City, Mordor.

Keep your eye on NMR throughout the weekend as we bring you the best of Playlist and continue to stoke the fires of YouTube fan rivalry.

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