Peter ‘Geriatric 2927’ Oakley, Beloved ‘Grandpa of YouTube,’ Passes Away At 86

When I say one of YouTube’s elder statesmen has passed away, I really mean elderly statesmen — Peter Oakley, the beloved YouTuber known better in some circles as “Geriatric1927,” died recently after a long-standing bout with cancer.

The 86-year-old vlogger has been on YouTube since its early days, starting in 2006 and keeping a long-running social commentary channel that was also part biography. The Englishman with the pleasant voice discussed such topics as World War II, his time as a public health inspector and things that annoyed him. Of which there were many.

peter oakley

Peter will forever be the eternal grandpa, with his stories and thoughts played out before his video camera and for all the internet to see. His first video, which was aptly titled “First Try,” has collected over 2.9 million views through the years as people tuned in to get a little misty-eyed as they thought about their own grandparents.

Peter bridged the gap between old and young online and, defying expectations, was the most subscribed YouTuber in 2006. He made friends of all who watched his channel and will truly be missed.

To honor his passing, we leave you with five of Peter’s best videos:

5. First Try

4. Second Try

3. “Inappropriate Content”

2. Making A Proper Cup of English Tea

1. Final Video

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