PewDiePie Holds ‘Most Subscribers on YouTube’ Crown in Guinness Book Of Records

You know if an Irish beer company says it, it’s legit.

Guinness today bestowed its record for most subscribed on Swedish gamer PewDiePie for his more than 25 million subscribers (at the time of the record accounting, it was half that!). The beer company, which began publishing facts via their “Book of Records” as a means of settling bar bets, has recently taken to the social media world, likely with an eye on capturing a younger demographic. Other YouTubers, including NMR friend Furious Pete, hold Guinness World Records, but “Most Subscribed” is likely the one all the other YouTubers would want to possess. I would want that “World’s Longest Fingernails” designation personally, but then I probably wouldn’t be able to type …

PewDiePie, who’s really 24-year-old Felix Kjellberg, moved to England from Sweden in 2011 for faster broadband speeds and better access to the YouTube community. And considering he’s more than doubled his subscriber base in less than a year, clearly the move was a good one.

Here’s hoping that PewDiePie continues breaking records, but that everyone else gives him an exciting run for his money (of which he allegedly makes around $16 million a year).

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