Playlist Live 2014 Day 2: The Nive Nulls Team Up With NMR to Surprise Fans With … [VIDEO]

Last week, NMR favorites The Nive Nulls reached the 100,00 subscriber milestone. Of course, while we obviously threw Austin and Britney a kick-ass kegger — Kailand and Audri got milk — all of us thought, hmmm, what about the fans? Loyal viewers, after all, is what makes the YouTuber world go ‘round.

So after a little brainstorming sesh with NMR, we decided caviar and coke … actually, that idea was all ours — and Austin and Brittan nixed it (boo). Instead, we decided to go with another of our favorite “C’s”: cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. And yes, the Nulls put their name on it.

Watch the video above to see what happens when The Nive Nulls team up with NMR to surprise their viewers at Playlist.

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