PlayList Live 2014: Capturing 5 Cool Video Moments From The Weekend That Was

The banners have all come down, the YouTubers have all gone back to their homes across the globe and a sense of normalcy has returned to Orlando, Florida in the wake of Playlist Live 2014. But that doesn’t mean that the coverage has to stop just yet — NMR had such a good time partying it up East Coast style, we decided we’d keep it going one more day. And so, with an eye towards capturing the very essence of Playlist Live for all you YouTube fanatics who couldn’t be there, here are some of the coolest moments from the biggest party in the South since Mardi Gras.

5. Good Mythical Morning: Playlist Live Gets A Rhett & Link Panel

Have you ever wondered what a Rhett & Link panel would be like? Well wonder no more! After all, a large part of Playlist Live is about becoming a better YouTuber, and there are few who can help you do that funnier or nicer than the maestros of small town advertising, Rhett & Link. We figure this is about as nice a start as we can muster before we dive into the craziness that was and always is Playlist Live.

4. ‘Subscriber Diggers’ Get Pwned With SoFloAntonio

Ouch! There was a fair bit of this going on in the hallowed halls of the convention center — fame clearly still plays on YouTube and YouTuber SoFloAntonio exploited that with his “Subscriber Digger” prank. Asking girls to lunch, SoFloAntonio burned these ladies if they declined by suddenly appearing to be a MAJOR YouTuber. If they changed their tune after finding out he was socially “important” he’d turn the tables and decline them instead. VitalyZDTV pioneered this technique with gold diggers, SoFloAntonio has refined it for Playlist Live.

3. MissGlamorazzi Shows What’s In Her Bag For AwesomenessTV

In keeping with our coverage of showing you all things Playlist Live, here we have AwesomenessTV talking with makeup and beauty guru MissGlamorazzi. In in the style of a true swag video, we get a peek inside MissGlamorazzi’s purse and get to see her on-the-Playlist-Live-go travelling musts — including her favorite lipstick (hint: it’s a shade of beige).

2. A Snake Attacks Louis Cole

Normally, with a snake attack, one would fear for the human. Here, I fear for the snake. A rat snake captured outside a jacuzzi does its best to terrify gnarly food machine and all-around party star Louis Cole on Mr Ben Brown’s channel. I can’t believe this snake doesn’t get eaten. And yet, it’s just one small taste of the Brit Boys’ dizzyingly cool jaunt around Orlando.

1. Tyler Oakley’s Epic Birthday Bash

There could be no other number one! How cool it must have been to be Tyler Oakley, to be in sunny Florida, at Playlist Live and to be celebrating his birthday! And Tyler certainly knows how to throw a kickass birthday bash with what looks like thousands of screaming fans singing “Happy Birthday.” If it got any cooler down at Playlist Live, NMR doesn’t want to know about it.

What was your favorite moment from Playlist Live? Let us know below.

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