Ray William Johnson Announces Date for Final Episode of ‘Equals Three’

Today, Ray William Johnson announced the end date for his popular “Equals Three” YouTube show on his Facebook page, and it’s a lot sooner than anyone had thought or hoped.

This Wednesday, March 12, “Equals Three” will see its final episode go public on Johnson’s main YouTube channel.

“Equals Three” began its run in 2009, and quickly grew to become a prominent YouTube show mainstay that has collected over a billion views. Hence the title, each episode of “Equals Three” features Johnson reviewing and commenting on three viral videos.

On why he’s ending the show, Johnson stated in his “Runaway Thoughts” podcast back in Jan. 5:

“Like I’m getting to that point where, not only am I burnt out, but I feel like I need to move on. To put it into context, I’ll be 33 in August, and the show — the show is a performance, and it’s like a performance as much as anything is a performance, but it feels way immature.”

Aside from “Equals Three,” Johnson and his girlfriend Anna Akana own their studio Runaway Machine (formerly Runaway Planet), which recently produced the successful “Riley Rewind” narrative series on Johnson’s main channel.

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