Raymond McAnally & Daily Fiber Films Bring Us Cool Super Nerd ‘Chad’ on YouTube [INTERVIEW]

Chad, the character created by Raymond McAnally, haunts me. I grew up with a “Chad” as my best friend — which might speak ill of my best friend (and me), but I don’t think it does. “Chad” is a type of person who owns his niche. He has different wants and needs than anyone else. And I think that explains the crew at Daily Fiber Films — they create characters that you know. Most YouTubers run schtick by being so over the top that you laugh at how unbelieveable their personas are. But with Daily Fiber, you laugh because you recognize their characters so intimately.

That’s not to say they haven’t developed their over-the-top characters as well. All it takes is watching their NSFW “Bears vs. Packers” video in which two couple devolve into a fuckfest to help their respective teams win. Good stuff. It also makes me wish I’d become a YouTuber (so does this Chad video below though for that matter).

Anyhow, I fired some questions off to Raymond to see how the “creative process” works for him and what it’s like growing up with a last name like “McAnally” — turns out, for Raymond, he had it pretty good on both counts.

What prompted this character/video?

Raymond McAnally: We put out a short comedy every month, and this year I wanted to get back to creating new original characters. I created Chad last year for a fake dating site comedy. Chad is so so awkward and it’s beyond fun to play. He’s like an onion; layer after layer of weird. I wanted to peel that onion.

Was this whole thing pretty much an excuse to take photos of hot girls?

Not an excuse, but a nice byproduct … seriously though, I wanted to put Chad in a situation that would push all of his buttons. It was obvious that should involve women. A friend told me some modeling horror stories and ding-ding-ding I knew this was a great way to force Chad to be near girls.

How did you go about finding the girls who played your models?

I am a professional actor and am lucky to know a lot of really talented people. I met Whitney Rice and Karli Kaiser last year and have watched everything they put out, because I think they are both hilarious. I wrote this script with them in mind. I tend to do that, because it’s easier to write the comedy when you have a sense of the actor’s timing. I also knew they’d improvise the hell out of it and sure enough, over 50 percent was us trying new things on the day of shooting. They are both so funny and so sexy at the same time, it’s jaw dropping.

How much do you relate to Chad?

I love characters like Chad, because I find them incredibly empathetic and recognizable despite the comedy. To me, there’s a Chad in every classroom and every office. He might not be as extreme, but he’s there. I like building characters that are off kilter, but somehow believable and as 3D as I can get. I love people, especially the things that make them vulnerable and human, and Chad is an example of what my brain does with that information at 2 a.m., haha.

How tough was it being a kid with the last name “McAnally”? I imagine you heard them all …

Yeah I get the joke, but to be truly honest I never heard it until I moved to New York and someone brought it up in a review of a show. Guess I didn’t grow up around a lot of butthole-obsessed bullies, haha. The surname is Irish and it’s pronounced Mac-uh-Nally. Which might also be why I didn’t get teased about my name growing up, because as a kid I had a pretty strong Irish temper.

What’s next for the Daily Fiber team?

My co-producer Mark Nickelsburg and I are keeping up with putting out a monthly comedy the first Tuesday of every month, getting steady features on FunnyOrDie, and are in talks with some producers about web series and feature film scripts we’ve written for original characters like Douglas, MoFo and The Bare Nekked Chef. It’s looking like 2014 is going to be a big year for us!

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