Reckless Tortuga Brings ‘The Online Gamer’ Season 2 To Fruition On Kickstarter [INTERVIEW]

Normally when someone runs a crowdfunding project that we cover, NMR has to be all like, “So make sure you get over there and help _____________ out because they need all the help they can get to make this ______________ project happen.” Not Reckless Tortuga. They don’t need your whore money! Okay, maybe that’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration — I’m sure they would love any penny you want to give them, but with their Kickstarter goal all but achieved, they are in a pretty comfortable spot. Not bad at all for their first official crowdfunding project (apparently “Bad Roomies” isn’t an official Reckless Tortuga production).

Since their move over to our wonderful and always friendly friend MCN, Fullscreen, Reckless Tortuga has decided to maximize their budget on the latest season of The Online Gamer — their hilarious ode to gaming addiction.

Because I’ve interviewed them in some form or another four or five times now, I figured I was good for getting the inside dirt on what’s upcoming. Here’s Jason Schnell, Lindsey Reckis and Eric Pumphrey to answer all my pesty questions:


What can we expect from season 2 of “The Online Gamer”? There’s gotta be some, like, awesome plot twist you’re only willing to share with NMR readers, right?

Reckless Tortuga: We’ve been asking the audience, reading the comments and looking at our most popular episodes to see what the fans like to see most with :The Online Gamer.” The new season is about Aaron and his crew getting into all kinds of trouble you’ve never seen before. It’s not locked down so we don’t want to say something and then we can’t do it … But we plan on exploring some new characters as well as the beloved regular characters and having Aaron wreak new levels on havoc on all their lives. And we have some celebrity gamers and other cameos lined up that will be a lot of fun to see Aaron verbally abuse.

You had a successful Kickstarter with “The Clan.” Do you feel like this is sort of how YouTube is going to go from now on — this sort of “pitch a show, raise money, make show, repeat” cycle?

We didn’t do a Kickstarter for “The Clan.” We partnered with Machinima Prime and they funded that series. This new season of “The Online Gamer” is our very first Kickstarter. We think Kickstarter is a very useful tool for YouTube creators who have a limited budget yet have an audience that is ravenous for your content. For us, we are not backed by a big company or investment. It’s just the three of us, making videos and series because we love to do it. The fans want more “Online Gamer” and longer episodes so Kickstarter is how we are going to able to do that! We are really excited as well because this affords us the opportunity to have some fun with this series, as we did with “The Clan,” and not be held back by budget constraints.

Eric mentions in your Kickstarter vid you now have budgetary constraints — does this have something to do with Machinima’s issues of late?

Our budget constraints have to do with how expensive it to make scripted content — even with being masters of low-budget filmmaking. We can’t make as many scripted videos per week as a vlogger or gamer. “The Online Gamer” is one of our most expensive series due to the amount of actors, locations and sets we need for it. But since it’s our most popular we make it as often as we can. But the fans want it more and they want it longer, so we are turning to them to help us do that! On top of that, we are currently in a transition … We are now under Fullscreen’s MCN, not Machinima’s. We left the Machinima network on great terms when our contract expired. We love those guys and we still have lots of friend over there. Our friends at Machinima Prime are also in talks on doing “The Clan” season 2 … so we’ll see. As of this year, we are now with Fullscreen and very happy.

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