Reckless Tortuga Brings ‘The Online Gamer’ Season 2 To Fruition On Kickstarter [INTERVIEW]

If we fund your Kickstarter, you’re not going to burn it like that one guy did with all his Kickstarter books, are you?

Hell no! Aaron might burn some Magic cards or WOW players … but all in good “Online Gamer” fun. If we hit our target, we’ll be delivering episodes that the fans are gonna freak out over. And also be the happiest friggin noobs on the planet!

Now that there is a baby in the picture, have your gaming tastes shifted any? “The Online Gamer” seems as delightfully crude as ever.

Lindsey, the writer of “The Online Gamer” and the one who gave birth, doesn’t get to game as much anymore. But she still sneaks it in when she can. As far as her crude sense of humor, that hasn’t changed … Being surrounded by poopy diapers all day is actually kind of inspiring. Eric does have to reign Lindsey in sometimes when she starts coming up with story lines about “Aaron” having a baby, but rest assured Jason and Lindsey’s baby ain’t cramping “Online Gamer’s” style.

How is that whole “mom” thing in general? Any gross stories we need to hear?

The mom thing is amazing and hard as hell and the best thing in the world. Plus Lindsey and Jason’s baby is the Chosen One (or at least that’s what they keep telling everyone). We’ve got plenty of gross stories … but we’ll save those for a new series we have coming out about parenting called “Poop.” Kidding. Not about the poop part, just about it being a new series. Eric vetoed that one.

If you got sent to prison, what’s the first thing you would do to “establish your dominance” amongst the inmates?

Eric would bang his head against the wall until he sufficiently proved he was insane … or until he killed himself. Win-win. Jason would find the cleanest person he could and just bite the living shit out of them because nobody wants to screw with a biter. And Lindsey would just stand there being 6 feet tall, give them all her Psycho Girlfriend crazy eyes.

Jason was involved in a “Bad Roomies” Kickstarter with Patrick Renna that got funded as well — when to we get to see/hear more about that?

That he was! “Bad Roomies” is Jason’s directorial debut. Well, it’s his first feature film … after directing hundreds of digital videos and series. “Bad Roomies” just wrapped principle photography and they’ve begun post production. We should hear something about where we can see it in late spring/early summer. Can’t wait for everyone to see it!

What’s your favorite dirty joke?

More of a dirty thought but … We’ve always wondered if a receptionist at a sperm bank has ever used the phrase: “Thanks for coming.”

What’s next for the Reckless Tortuga crew?

After we release the new season of “The Online Gamer” we will have to pow pow and see. We want to keep “The Online Gamer” going even beyond the new season. We have some exciting secret projects in the works that we hope to announce later this year. And, of course, we will keep putting out new sketches, new series and new episodes of our series like “Bad Friends.” Also, Jason and Lindsey might make another baby and Eric might take that trip to Machu Picchu, Peru he’s been planning for years.

I’ve interviewed factions of Reckless Tortuga like five times now — when do I get to be made an honorary member?

You have to pass the test … We’ll be sending you a box; open it and put on the mask. What happens next will be up to you.

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