Rise of the News Titans on Streaming: The Young Turks Are Doing The Hulu Hula

The little engine that could, The Young Turks, just keeps on chugging upwards …

Breaking news today reveals that TYT Network has just solidified its presence on Hulu with the addition of two half-hour shows: The Young Turks and PopTrigger.

TYT01The Young Turks, the news/commentary wing of the TYT empire and PopTrigger, its entertainment sector are two of the most popular shows on YouTube in their respective subject matters, so it is only natural that the two shows would branch out to include popular streaming site Hulu and its audience.

“As TYT Network has grown from a single show to an entire network, we’ve consistently found ways to bring our shows to more people,” said TYT Network COO Steve Oh. “We’ve long admired Hulu as a leader of online video and both parties saw an opportunity to bring digitally-native politics and pop culture talk shows to Hulu’s audience. Our partnership is part of TYT Network’s strategy to grow our fanbase through other outlets. With over 1 billion views on YouTube, we look forward to similar success on Hulu.”


The mutually beneficial relationship comes on the heels of a new studio move for TYT Network — based largely off an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign. And while YouTubers might fear they are losing The Young Turks to bigger and better things, fear not: they plan on keeping their YouTube domination firmly in check.

How will you be watching The Young Turks now?

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