RWJ Retires: Do You Have What It Takes To Be ‘Equals Three’s’ New Host? [VIDEO]

While Ray William Johnson has now put his final foot down on YouTube’s throat, leaving his hugely successful “Equals Three” show for the bright lights of television, it doesn’t mean that “Equals Three” is going away too.

And even better, RWJ might just want you to fill his massive shoes. I mean “massive” because he is a big YouTube celebrity, not because he has sasquatch feet. See, I watched the entirety of his final episode, and at the end he admits he’s continuing the show because of fan outrage. He wanted (wants) to quit the show, but, well, here we are. The point is, he needs a new host!

Do you think you’re funny and/or clever? Are you handsome or cool, or just smug? Do you have an intense knowledge of popular internet culture? Can you hang out with celebrities and keep millions of fans engaged week after week? Well, you should be a shoo-in then.

Though Ray doesn’t exactly specify HOW you can get on his radar to be shortlisted for his show, he does say that he is going to spend the next 1-2 months looking for not only a host, but a writer and a producer as well. Think you have what it takes?

Here is his Twitter:
His Instagram:
His Facebook:

Hit him up, get on his radar. While he might be looking for someone a bit more established — he might also be looking for … you!

Be sure and tell him NMR sent you. Also, you probably want to post your videos in the comment section below so we can, um, help the process.

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