Six Degrees of ‘Screw You’: Kevin Bacon Calls Out The Millennials on YouTube [VIDEO]

Kevin Bacon is one of the last great human treasures we have. I’ve enjoyed watching everything I’ve ever seen him in — including this testament to the hardships of the 80s. Dropping dime on the millennials and how good they have it, Ren McCormack himself explains that for people born before 1985, life was a little harder. No cell phones, no social media, Blockbusters were still “a thing,” and dancing was forbidden.

I’m not sure why exactly Bacon released this video calling out the young-uns of America, it seems to be some sort of outside-the-box ad campaign for “The Following,” but it doesn’t matter. Because when Bacon popped up on my screen, my mind was already jamming to a Kenny Loggins-heavy soundtrack.

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