Smosh Debuts Two New Shows: ‘Honest Game Trailers’ & ‘16-Bit High School’ [VIDEOS]

Smosh is slowly expanding the Smoshiverse …

With a mighty merger between Alloy Digital and Break Media coming to fruition, all that’s left is for Smosh to do what they do best: put out awesome programming. And with that in mind, two new shows are joining the Smosh lineup of game-centric programming. Up now, we have “Honest Game Trailers” and “16-Bit High.”

“Honest Game Trailers” spits some snarky truth in place of the advertising voiceovers and puts a fun spin on game commercials. “16-Bit High” meanwhile takes an animated sort-of page from “Video Game High School” and shows off our favorite video game-inspired characters dealing with the travails of high school.

“When Alloy merged with Break, it was a great opportunity for us to cross pollinate ideas for our original channels,” Defy Executive Vice President Barry Blumberg. “The new programming coming to Smosh Games is the first of many.”

As the shows debut this weekend (not coincidentally the same time as when Smosh co-hosts the SXSW Gaming Awards), they will continue to release every other Saturday over the life of their 10-episode series’.

While I align more with the snark of “Honest Game Trailers,” I think both shows should be Smoshtastic. (One of these Smosh-inspired words has gotta stick).

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