The Science of Beauty? Lisa Pullano Makes Her Own Beauty Concoctions For Kin Community [INTERVIEW]

NMR has been super excited about everything that beauty/lifestyle network Kin Community has been up to lately. Positing themselves as “A Community of the Best Women’s Content on YouTube,” Kin Community has been making strides towards acquiring some of the best and smartest female-focused channels the internet has to offer. So we thought we’d reach out to a couple of their new channels and see who we’ll be watching next. First we covered AprilJustinTV now we’re back with Lisa Pullano. Hope you enjoy.

maxresdefaultFor the unfamiliar, Lisa Pullano is one of the ultimate Do-It-Yourself-ers. From self defense to making your own makeup, Lisa has all the bases covered in what is actually a pretty informative makeup channel for girls and for guys. Yes, her stuff is geared towards the prettier sex, but any one of her make your own makeup channels is essentially a Chemistry 101 class — sort of like a Vsauce for fashionistas (if that makes any sense at all). I can see why Kin Community picked Lisa to join their family — she’s smart, bubbly and full of tips to make the world a more beautiful place. Be sure to check out NMR’s interview with her and then subscribe to her channel — she’s got looking glam down to a science.

What got you into doing a YouTube beauty/lifestyle channel in the first place?

I recently was in between majors and missed being creative. I thought making videos to record my journey in beauty and fashion would be exciting to meet others with the same interest. I wanted to share my thoughts in a visual platform.

Why do you think your channel has been so successful amidst the multitudes of other beauty/lifestyle channels?

I incorporate current trends from my obsession for fashion, interior design, and makeup artistry with a dose of my pharmacy background. I used to make medicine during my pharmacy internship, and the pharmaceutical knowledge helped me understand more about how beauty products are made so I can show viewers a diverse array of tutorials.

What is your absolute best tip for looking great?

Be confident, smile and work that look like it’s your own personal runway.

Which video of yours is the best place to start for readers who aren’t familiar with you?

I like to make gifts often, and I have a long list of gift ideas to share! I think my concept of making medicine in the pharmacy retail world transitioned to make makeup skills by developing a beauty recipe in my how-to “Make Cream Blush” is the best place to know what I enjoy posting.

Why should readers subscribe to you over another channel?

If readers want quick and easy projects to make and tips in beauty and styling, I’m your girl to pretty life up! I am honored for my beauties also know as my subscribers that believe in me to teach, laugh, and keep them entertained. Thanks, beauties!

What was your favorite thing about Lisa? Let us know in the comments below.

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