YouTube Musician Tom Milsom Branded As A ‘Pedophile’ And Booted Off VlogBrothers’ Record Label

It’s good to see that a pedophilia scandal is one of those topics that still outrages YouTubers …

John Green, just posted an incendiary screed from Hank Green on his Tumblr page; both Vlogbrothers do a fantastic job of outlining their disgust for alleged pedophile and definite YouTuber Tom Milsom.

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Milsom, 24, an English singer who frequently guests with other YouTubers (the below video from Milsom and NMR friend Alex Day is perhaps eerily and appropriately titled “Mild Mannered Monster”) is in the hot, white glare of the spotlight from his former crowd after allegations surfaced today that he was in a sexual relationship from a girl who is/was less than 15 years old.

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According to the Brothers Green, Milsom had the girl, a fan, with him at VidCon in 2010 and at some point it became a relationship. Milsom, who was allegedly signed to the Green Brothers’ indie record label, DFTBA Records, has been booted from the store and is now in the snowball-into-an-avalanche process of being vilified in his public circles. John in particular takes umbrage with Milsom’s use of his celebrity to objectify a young person not in a position to make better decisions.

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 8.56.40 PMThe top comments on Milsom’s YouTube-related page have become hate-filled invectives branding him a pedophile. What happens next? Hopefully, justice. It’s a shame that this sort of stink will creep off Milsom’s page and onto the pages of those associated with him. This shit stinks for everybody.

Here’s more scandal in social media:

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