Vice Co-Founder Gavin McInnes Has Punched Out A Baby, Filmed A Netflix Movie & Thinks You Are Weak [INTERVIEW]

[Editor’s note: Hey kids, this is an awesome, but also very un-PC, interview. No “letters to the editor,” because THE EDITOR HAS WARNED YOU (and also because stupid emails give me tummy aches).]

A huge part of being a good interviewer is that you have to have an awesome interviewee. And YouTuber/Godfather of Hipsterdom Gavin McInnes, fits that description perfectly. First making our radar because of his wickedly funny “How to Fight A Baby” video, we jumped at the chance to interview McInnes about life and his new movie called “How To Be A Man,” which reviewers are already earmarking (that’s pig-counting talk) as an instant cult classic.

gavin mcinnes

The flick, which debuted on Netflix, iTunes, XBox, Amazon and Sony Entertainment Network details a former comedian (McInnes) who, thinking he’s dying of cancer, hires a cameraman to follow him around as he lays out life lessons for his unborn son. Raunch and hilarity ensue as the man who perfected the art of public urination (for real, check out his copious videos on the subject), gets his impressionable cameraman into one scrape after another.

McInnes has a high profile of public dustups (that’s putting it politely), including his exit from Vice magazine, which he co-founded, and with a feminist who took umbrage with his stance that women would be happier as homemakers. See what I mean about great interviewees making for effective subjects? Gavin McInnes might not know it, but he’s my new best friend. He’d probably tell me to “man the fuck up” if I mentioned that to him though.

Once you read his interview with NMR and check out “How to Be a Man” on Netflix, I think it will be pretty likely that you will want him to be your best friend too. If not though, I’m sure he’s got a name for people like you.

Okay, your movie “How to Be A Man” looks fucking badass. How did it all come about? Also, is there nudity?

Gavin McInnes: You can see lots of tits in the cocaine scene at Max Fish. I kind of got it in my head the blowjob would be real and it would be a guilt-free infidelity, but on the day of, they hand me this nylon sock to put over my junk. That’s when I realized I’m never getting a non-wife blowjob ever again.

The movie came about when me and Chadd and Bryan were writing a web series for Fox Digital and they liked it so much, they stuck it all together into a movie. It was fun. We shot the whole thing from soup to nuts in a month.

Are we a generation of feebs, spazzes and pussies raising new generations of physical, mental and emotional weaklings, or is there a break in the chain somewhere?

My experience with millennials is they are some of the laziest pussies and most entitled bunch of fags to ever walk the earth. I mean, some of them are my friends and plenty of them are my coworkers but it’s like they were raised in a Uniqlo vagina. Some kid brought his parents ‘round to work the other day and I told him that’s the gayest thing I’ve ever seen and he didn’t understand why. Nobody told him you don’t bring your parents to work. Shit, some of them even bring their parents to job interviews!

After co-founding the awesomely deviant Vice magazine, you split in 2007 over “creative differences.” Please tell me that is a bullshit phrase and dime out the goods on what really happened with that whole situation.

Basically, we all stopped liking each other, so yeah, that’s “creative differences.” You can’t like something someone does when you hate them. That’s why Hitler never did stand-up. I got well paid for my shares and have had a pretty good time since leaving so I’m not complaining.

You’re somewhat affectionately referred to as “the Godfather of Hipsterdom” — how do you feel about that? Has “hipsterdom” become obnoxious? Or is it even possible for something as transient as hipsterdom to become obnoxious?

I love being called that. Old guys have always b*tched about “The Kids Today” but it used to be grumbling in a bar. Now it’s a 2,000 word blog post about how Miley Cyrus twerks. When I hear hipster-bashing, I ask my fellow old guy why they give a shit what twenty year olds do?

The kids are out there fucking and being fashionable and having fun jumping around to some last minute show in somebody’s basement and you want to tell them they use social media too much? You can call them hipsters all you want. They don’t give a shit.

Now, I know I just complained about millennials a second ago but you asked and I was talking about the ones around me. To go out of your way to discuss your problems with their culture in intimate detail says a lot more about you than it does the “hipster.”

You stirred the controversy soup over your comments regarding feminism and calling that one feminist a “fucking idiot.” Now that some time has passed, has your stance on that whole incident changed at all?

Not one iota. She is a fucking idiot. I said a lot of women would be happier at home and she tried to change it to me saying women “may not” be in the workforce. I had been dealing with their stupid liberal tricks that whole discussion. When I cited a study that said women are less happy since feminism some prof called it a “fantasy study.” As far as I’m concerned, passive aggressive smirking from academics is the same as calling someone a fucking idiot.

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