Was Ist Das? Collective Digital Acquires Some German Investors To Increase Their Views in Europe

Collective Digital just got some German in them …

An undisclosed-but-minor stake of Collective Digital was acquired this week by major German-based media company ProSiebenSat.1. More in line with that of Base79’s partnership with the World of Wonder channel, Collective Digital will produce content and ProSiebenSat.1 will promote and distribute it through their media networks. It is a sort of “everybody wins” mentality, over the other sort of acquisitions we’ve seen recently — such as Disney’s outright purchase of Maker Studios … allegedly.

P7S1_TV_4c_cb_cbDr. Christian Wegner, member of the executive board of ProSiebenSat.1 said, “Digital functions globally. Having established a leading multi-channel network in the German-speaking region, we are taking the consequent next step with CDS to create a global player in what is a high-growth sector of the entertainment industry.”

The investment will likely expose several of Collective Digital’s roster of artists including DaneBo and Epic Meal Time to new, previously untapped foreign viewers as well as offer the opportunity for some German YouTubers to gain some exposure and do some collaborations on this side of the planet (not literally — planets don’t actually have sides, Flula). Consider it one more link in YouTube and the internet bringing the world closer together.

Do you think this acquisition is the first step in ProSiebenSat.1’s eventual total purchase of Collective Digital? Let us know below.

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