World War II Vet Gets Lots Of Love From Joggers in Viral Heartwarmer [VIDEO]

Joe Bell is 95 years old and having a hell of a moment. As the newest minted member of the viral video club, the frail World War II veteran is likely also its oldest member.

Joe stood outside his home on Sunday morning in his old WWII uniform as joggers ran by during a charity run for the Pat Tillman Foundation. Popping up initially on the San Jose Mercury News website on Sunday, the video didn’t get much love, as everyone was busy retweeting the “selfie-seen-round-the-world.” But Monday morning, Yahoo got ahold of it, and it’s been racking up the views ever since.

Joe hasn’t gotten too much attention since his wife Mary died four years ago, and as he mentioned to his neighbor who filmed and posted the video, he’s ready to die. Hopefully, the newfound love gives Old Man Bell a reason to kick around a while longer.

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