Xavier Ruffin Makes ‘Mad Black Men’ Series A Comedic, Racial Take on 60s Advertising [INTERVIEW]

Mad Black Men – First Day – Part 2 of 6 by MadBlackMen

You switched from advertising to music videos and innovative concept creation — how did the switch that created your company, Dopamine, come about?

It was the pursuit of happiness and no not the movie, even though that film is based on a man from my home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. No one was happy at my old job and music videos were a fun release. Not too long after I started sharing my work I crossed paths with a few of idols and they all professed about my potential so I decided to take the leap and pursue creating work I love.

One of your projects had you following Macklemore on tour — what’s your craziest story from that time?

Nothing too crazy there. Macklemore and his team were all great people. The craziest moment we shared was realizing that my very first freelance design client I had at 14 was a good friend of his from Seattle, Washington named Logics.

You’re telling six parts of an episode that will constitute an entire pilot episode for a show — do you have higher plans for Mad Black Men, or was the contest just capped at funding for six episodes?

Our original Dailymotion deal was only for the first episode of the series but we are ready to let the show grow organically however it wants too. If its online only or if cable TV is interested we are ready to go. We have seasons of storylines prepared and a few episodes in the can.

What made you decide not to take the role of Ron Rapper for yourself?

The fact that I’m not an actor. Ron isn’t me and I’m not him so I didn’t see a reason to put my self in the show at that capacity. I do the voice overs though.

What pushed you towards Dailymotion as a hub instead of, say, YouTube?

Dailymotion originally approached me and I was flattered. I’ve had relationships with other video outlets but Dailymotion really respected my work and took a far more active role in helping me to grow as a content creator and I appreciate that.

Mad Black Men – First Day – Part 3 of 6 by MadBlackMen
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