YouTube Drag Makeover, Anyone? International MCN Base79 Partners With ‘RuPaul’s Drag U’ Creators

I sense dazzling things out of this partnership …

Base79, the largest international YouTube MCN, has partnered with the production house World of Wonder, beloved by me for one of my favorite camp movies, “Party Monster.” WOW is known for indie-budget loud spectacle films, documentaries and TV shows like “RuPaul’s Drag U,” and Emmy-winning “The Last Beekeeper;” so for them to team up with Base79 to get help with audience cultivation and learn some tricks of the YouTube trade, we should see some exciting and innovative content popping up on YouTube in the near future.

“World of Wonder’s YouTube channel, WOWPresents, has over 12 million views and is growing by nearly 2 million per month,” said executive producer Fenton Bailey. “With our original digital productions and partner channels we are doubling down on our mission to celebrate the freak, the fun and the fabulous in everyone.”

Damn, just hearing this makes me want to watch “Party Monster” again. Fuck “The Room,” “Party Monster” ought to be this generation’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Does anyone know if Michael Alig is out of jail yet?

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