YouTuber Forced To Defend Viral ‘Bad USPS Delivery Driver’ Video From Online Detectives Calling ‘Fake!’

Is this a case of viral envy or viral lies?

YouTuber Edude76 has attracted a mass of views — over 500,000 in a day after showing a video of a USPS employee driving up in his van, throwing a package carelessly out the window at a garage door and taking off again. But today Edude76 had to amend the videos description after attracting an enormous amount of hate. It seems the internet is back to playing detective again — you’d think they’d stop after that suspect they declared guilty of the Boston Marathon bombing was found dead … and innocent.

But here they are again, crying “fake” in the comments for this video. Fortunately, this one shouldn’t cost anybody their life.

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The chief complaint from the internet is that the man is not in a sanctioned USPS vehicle, which Edude76 maintains is because, “This video is real, the van belongs to a rural mail carrier working for the USPS.” Additionally, he claims USPS has contacted him over the video and that it “shouldn’t be happening again.” Hmm, how convenient …

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So is it real? Does it even matter? Isn’t it enough that we are entertained? Why must we poke holes in videos? We have a real preoccupation as a society with calling “FAKE!” on things. But is it so we can cherish things that are actually real? Remember how magical life was back when we thought that girl with diarrhea in the hot tub was real? Or when those yuppies took that gun and video camera away from some harassing rednecks? Or, recently, that couple who was singing at the gas pump? Now that we know all those videos are fake, what do we have to show for it? Are there other videos that mean more to us now? Nope… just more videos waiting to be exposed as fake.

Remember how bummed out you were when you found out Santa Claus wasn’t real? Why must we work to feel that way again and again and again?

Do you think the video is real? Does it matter?

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