Action Sports and Exercise Will Never Be The Same: Network A & Zoom Media Together At Last

In what feels like a fast-rising super network on the go, Zoom Media & Marketing, the largest, targeted, lifestyle media company in the U.S., has announced a partnership with Network A, the fastest growing action sports and adventure network.

Their stated goal? “To align original action sports content to more than 48 million viewers monthly.” The content partnership (they didn’t go “full paper tiger”) will help both organizations boost their brand image and creative opportunities.


“This partnership allows us to share exciting and relevant content with our patrons in both the nightlife and fitness environments,” said Patrick West, Zoom’s Executive Vice President of Creative Services. “Network A’s action sports programming is a great way to engage the socially and physically active 18-34 audience in environments where they are living life on their own terms.”


I am excited — now there will be a giant all-encompassing media force constantly reminding me how lazy I am.

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