Adam Sandler In ‘Pixels’ Adaptation? 5 Other Viral Videos That Would Make Awesome Big Screen Movies

How much you like Adam Sandler directly impacts how much you will like the big screen adaptation of the viral YouTube short “Pixels.” Yup, the two-minute animated short about video games invading New York is getting a two-hour version starring none other than the “Happy Gilmore” star. Will it be good? That we cannot yet answer. Will it be directed by Patrick Jean, the Frenchman who directed the original 2010 video to nearly a million views? No, that gig will be held by “HarryPotter” director Chris Columbus. Is this the viral video most deserving of a big screen makeover? Not even close. Just in case one of you feels like making a big screen movie, here are 5 other viral videos that would probably be way cooler as actual movies.

5. Sneezing Panda

It all starts with a cute sneeze from a baby panda — soon an airborne virus is hilariously decimating the world — causing people to laugh themselves to death. The only man who can stop it? An emotionally-broken scientist who has lost the ability to find joy in anything. We can call it “Pandemic.”

4. Shining

Okay, maybe this is sort of cheating because the idea is already there, but dammit, I want to see this movie. “Shining” takes horror flick “The Shining” and re-imagines it as a lighthearted romp about a man connecting with his family. This film would win the Academy Award that “The Shining” didn’t — I’m sure of it.

3. Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

I was going to put the Alabama Leprechaun here, but that was already a movie — Leprechaun in the Hood. And it wasn’t very good, so instead we’re going with a brand new video — a real up and comer. Also, it quite possibly could be the greatest kids movie of them all. A man, a real likable dreamer-type SOB wants to open a restaurant … for pets. Hilarious hijinx ensue. Also, the chef is a wiseass chimpanzee. This thing writes itself …

2. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

This doesn’t even need a plot! Just two hours of pop culture characters murdering one another to an insanely catchy song! One ticket and one enormous tub of butter popcorn, please!

1. Leave Britney Alone!

Britney, a pretty, young ingenue, is at the center of a killer’s mysterious rampage. Who is this killer? What does he want? All introverted, lovesick schoolmate Chris knows is that Britney is the focus of a deadly game for life and death. Spooky.

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