America’s Troll: Steve Greene Mocks The Unsuspecting In His 5 Best Videos

Steve Greene has been sailing along, crafting a solid YouTube career out of pranking and trolling America’s ignorant. In fact he’s so good at it, somewhere along the way he picked up the monniker “America’s Troll.” Presumably “Britain’s Troll” would be Sasha Baron Cohen and “Canada’s Troll” would be Celine Dion (ooh, burn). Our Steve Greene coverage has been pretty sparse lately so we figured we would change that by giving you a little primer about what Mr. Greene and his fantastic channel have to offer. Don’t thank us yet — after all, it’s only a matter of time before Steve Greene ends up making a fool out of you.

5. Telling People They’re Annoying

4. Magic Tricks That Make People Mad

3. And the Early Stuff … Epic Trolling Montage

2. Westboro Baptist Church Gets TROLLED

1. Dude Thinks He’s Going on “Bang Bus”

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