Are Deaf Jokes Funny? Viral Prank Is Political Correctness Time Bomb About To Explode [VIDEO]

Watching movies like “Bull Durham” always kind of made the minor leagues seem like an endless frat party — now I believe it. This video from channel Antihero Baseball reveals a prank that Triple A team Santa Fe played on Jeff Francoeur, a major leaguer sent down for a stint in the minors. While there, Jeff was convinced by his teammates that one of their pitchers was deaf — this is the story of that prank.

What’s interesting is that it has dredged up 1.2 million views in just a couple days — and so far there hasn’t been any controversy over what some would perceive as “mocking the disabled.” I dream that we’ve evolved into a culture that can joke about formerly taboo topics, but I expect the reality to be that if this video gets any more notice, an outcry will spring up. I’m guessing that most of the fussy people just don’t watch baseball films. Wait until the snowball gets rolling though … sigh.

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