Bad Girl Gone Glamorous: Miss Jessica Harlow Hits All The Notes For Good Style [INTERVIEW]

NMR has been super excited about everything that beauty/lifestyle network Kin Community has been up to lately. Positing themselves as “A Community of the Best Women’s Content on YouTube,” Kin Community has been making strides towards acquiring some of the best and smartest female-focused channels the internet has to offer. So first we covered AprilJustinTV and Lisa Pullano, and now we’re focusing on Jessica Harlow.

Jessica Harlow had my heart the moment she said she liked Disney villains over Disney princesses. And horror movies?! There is no better way into a fanboy’s heart than to talk some serious freaky hauntings. But as Jessica makes so eloquently clear, she is also a lifestyle coach in addition to a style guru. She is all about mining comedy from frank honesty and making the world a better place through glamour and the bolstering of one’s self esteem — through glamour. And some other stuff. Through her channel MissJessicaHarlow, Ms. Harlow has created a nesting spot with which girls of every age can flock to and resonate. And, well, if some guys pop in too (and I bet they do), I’m sure Jessica wouldn’t complain too much.

Check out our interview with her and then subscribe to Jessica’s channel on the Kin Community network.

What got you into doing a YouTube beauty/lifestyle channel in the first place?

Jessica Harlow: Growing up, I always loved makeup. I loved the products, the packaging, and of course, the transformation they were able to bring about. I used to spend hours on or in the stores, learning about every product that would come out. I was obsessed! Towards the end of my last year of high school, I stumbled upon beauty videos on YouTube and I thought, “I can do that.” And I did.

Why do you think your channel has been so successful amidst the multitudes of other beauty/lifestyle channels?

I mainly focused on celebrity makeup tutorials and also incorporated motivational/inspirational bits into them which the viewers seemed to really like. I’ve never really been just about makeup. I really want to help people look and feel their best and I think my audience gets that and appreciates it.

What is your absolute best tip for looking great?

You have to feel good. If you’re wearing an outfit that you don’t like or you think your makeup looks awful, you’re not going to feel like yourself and it’ll distract you from enjoying your life. It’s really about finding what works for you and what makes you feel your best. Also, don’t take fashion or makeup too seriously. Let yourself have fun. Confidence is key.

Which video of yours is the best place to start for readers who aren’t familiar with you?

Probably my Draw My Life. I take you through my life story and I think it gives people a better understanding of me as a person. It’s an intimate look at my story, my insecurities, and how I got past them. Also, you’ll get a good feel of my sense of humor.

Why should readers subscribe to you over another channel?

Because I’m more than just a beauty guru. Yes, I love clothes, makeup, and hair and have lots of tips to share. But, all the makeup in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t feel good about yourself or if you’re feeling hopeless. I make motivational content where I share thoughts on life that I believe can help others. I also throw in crazy characters into my videos just for fun because everyone loves to laugh!

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