Cracked Debuts Delightfully Coked Out ‘Harry Potter Meets Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas’ Series … Yeah … [VIDEO]

There is something majestic in watching Cracked’s Michael Swaim take on the role of Johnny Depp taking on the role of Hunter S. Thompson as Harry Potter — the normally comedic Swaim embraces this new character adroitly … almost dramatically. And it isn’t ill-fated like Bill Murray in “Where the Buffalo Roam” (do not defend that terrible-ass flick), no, I think I would want to see Swaim do this character in a full-length film. It is a unique fusion of two worlds that absolutely do not belong together, and yet, I am immersed, eager and want to know more.

Quick note here, just to make everything clear: The show is called “Welcome Back, Potter.” Yup, punny as hell, so up your nose with a rubber hose, muggles.

Called “The Multiverse: Harry & Ron Hide In America,” the just-released episode takes us into the drug-addled den of adult-aged Ron and Harry. To say more seems less fun than it ought to be — I think you should tune in. If you need more impetus to do so, let Michael Swaim himself do the convincing I asked him why the hell people should tune in and this is what he said: “People should watch because it’s funnier than most comedies on television, and just as free of charge. If you want something with a little more revealing color, I like to think of it as Harry Potter meets Fear and Loathing meets Eastbound and Down, and if that doesn’t get you excited to watch something, we probably wouldn’t get along well on a personal level.”


It’s a bit early in the evening for me to be pulling out my pontificating hat (and I’m far too sober), but I think the Cracked crew is on to what might be an answer to our generation’s entertainment woes. We’re post-postmodernism and into a new era of content creation. No longer do old conventions seem fresh … we need something new and somehow wrong. I feel excited at Cracked’s sheer bastardization of old tropes and conventions. Hopefully “Harry Potter” meets “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” is just the tip of the metaphorical p*nis and we embrace this trend which will tragically be short-lived but interesting and integral to us getting our contemporary entertainment nut off.

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