Fail Army Scooped Up By Dick Clark Productions For Painfully Awesome TV Show

Apparently Dick Clark Productions has developed a taste for failure …

After the company mysteriously disappeared from its association with the Streamys, it has now popped up in a development role, setting its sights on bringing Fail Army to television.

Like the world’s most painful version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Fail Army has consistently brought the biggest fails the internet has to offer and racked up nearly 5 million subscribers in the process.

According to the Wrap: “As DCP looks to expand our international distribution, we are looking for properties that resonate with today’s global audiences,” said Dick Clark Productions International’s executive vice president, Mark Rafalowski. “Fail Army gives us the opportunity to grow our television business by creating a show that connects with a global viral video audience.


While the show has not yet announced a name, they are moving forward with 20 half-hour episodes hopefully falling off its bike and onto a channel near you.

The only way you could fail is if you don’t share this article with everyone you ever met. Yes, including that guy who kidnapped you from that shopping mall when you were five.

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