Falling Meteorite Barely Misses Skydiving Man; Creates Viral Video In The Process

You know its a good day when the big video breaking out is of an airborne man almost dying at the hands of a space rock.

A Norwegian parachute team was making a jump when one of their members captured what is without a doubt, a very close call. Anders Helstrup is the parachutist who was wearing two videos cameras attached to his wingsuit when a large rock blazed past him at 300 kilometers an hour (no I don’t know what that is in miles and no I will not look it up … okay, fine … one second … okay, it’s 187.5 mph). While Helstrup didn’t notice the rock until he looked at his video footage later, I can’t help but admit this story would be a little bit cooler if he had gotten hit. Maybe just in the nuts?

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