FremantleMedia Teams With BroadbandTV To Snatch Some Serious TV-Centric Copyrights on YouTube

Are you monetizing clips from shows like “American Idol” and “The Price is Right” on your YouTube channel? Yeah, not no more, you ain’t.


FremantleMedia, a TV production conglomerate who owns those shows and many more, has partnered with BroadbandTV to seek out and take ownership of all those clips in the latest copyright hit to affect YouTube. They’ve already snatched the copyright on over 500,000 clips, and according to FreMantleMedia Sr. VP of Digital Olivier Delfosse, there are many, many more profitable clips left to take possession (read: monetization) of all over the digital landscape.

“For us, it’s like flipping a switch to an immediate expansion of our business,” Delfosse said to Variety. Likely learning from the gamer copyright scandal that plagued YouTube earlier this year, FremantleMedia has decided that taking the money trumps removing the content.


“When we see a fan of our show who has gone through the hassle of uploading (content from) it, it’s not an indication of them stealing from us – we see it as fan loyalty,” Delfosse said. Hmm, he strikes me as someone who was an enormously sarcastic child. It’s like “The Dude” says in The Big Lebowski: “You’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole.”

Hope you creators made some money off those clips while you could. It might just be time for you to hang a “closed” sign on your YouTube channel. That or get off your ass and start cranking out original content.

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