Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart Planning ‘Something’ To Follow Up ‘Camp Takota’ …

Like “Camp Takota”? Good news: a follow-up with Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig is coming! Didn’t like “Camp Takota”? Well, also good news because that follow-up is likely not a sequel.

We say “likely” because the trio of stars and their producer, Michael Goldfine, have admitted that something is in the works, but what exactly, remains to be seen. “We are working on something,” is all Goldfine would say.

“You don’t talk about the baby until the second trimester,” Mamrie Hart said at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas.

The three starlets who are coming off their feature film debut about a down and out woman (Helbig) teaming up with some misfit camp counselors (Hart and Hart) would do wise to follow the career trajectory of Ernest. Camp movie, jailhouse movie, christmas movie, halloween movie, etc.

camp dakota

That or The Three Stooges — paging Doctor Hart, Doctor Helbig, Doctor Hart. Yeah, I like that.

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