Has YouTube’s ‘Shadow Plan’ To Advertise on Television Been Exposed?

Time magazine has made our radar twice this month — neither of them for particularly innovative or good reasons. The first was after they posted an article dancing around the idea that Remi Gaillard’s latest video was essentially a form of rape, and now they are pimping the notion that YouTube is using television “to destroy television.” The story revolves around the surprisingly bare on facts assertion that YouTube is engaging in commercials as well as print and online advertising to promote its biggest stars. Forthcoming feature spots include Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan and Rosanna Pansino.

Clearly Time magazine does not read NMR or they would know that television is not in danger from YouTube; YouTube IS television. With multimedia companies that have diversified assets including television buying up MCNs, it isn’t some shadow organization cabal of YouTubers who’ve figured out how to game the system, it’s big parent companies utilizing tactics called synergy and vertical integration.

Not to sound all conspiracy theory-esque and crazy as a shithouse rat, but the puppetmasters who run television are now buying commercials to promote YouTube on television, Time magazine. Television utilizes (and will increasingly do so now with all these acquisitions being made) YouTube as a feeding ground for talent and series. And rightly so: YouTube is where the best and brightest stars come to shine.

So even if it isn’t quite the “exposé” that Time magazine was looking for, it is still exciting news to hear YouTube is making the increasing transition to mainstream media. Now I’ve just got to figure out which channel to hitch my star to and ride their coattails so I can end up at a party with Sophia Bush and let her notice me noticing her. And then I would be like, “Sup?”

And she’d be all like, “Will you marry me?”

And then I’d be all like, “Probably.” You might as well print that “news” Time magazine, it seems right in line with everything else you seem to be shovelling lately.

Like Sophia Bush? Hitch your coattails to my star by sharing this article with your friends and you can totally come to the wedding. Time magazine will be paying for it.

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