HBO Baits The Hook With Free Pilot Episode of Mike Judge’s New Show ‘Silicon Valley’ on YouTube [VIDEO]

Are you a fan of quality HBO programming, getting hooked on new television shows and free stuff? How about YouTube, do you like YouTube? Boy are you going to LOVE this news then: HBO is broadcasting its exciting newest show “Silicon Valley” on YouTube FOR FREE! The show, which deals in the barely fictional world of a programmer with a hot new startup, riffs on the culture of Silicon Valley, home to so many of the companies NMR covers on a daily basis.

The show is co-created by Mike Judge, he of “Beavis & Butthead,” “King of the Hill” and “Office Space” fame, so if anything, it’s got a dynamite pedigree backing it.

Fair warning: This show is pretty addictive already, so if you can’t afford HBO or its bastard streaming offshoot HBOGo (which crashed last night during the premiere of “Game of Thrones” — boooooooooooooooo!), you might want to save yourself the emotional turbulence of getting only one free episode.


I learned this the hard way when HBO did the same thing with “Girls” earlier this year. Okay, not me personally … but this guy I know … he watched it and got freaking hooked. Okay, no, no he didn’t. But you can imagine how awesome it would be if he did, amiright?!

Chris Farley’s ghost will be very disappointed if you don’t share this awesome article with your fellow students. Everybody on the bus? Good, grand, great! (Sorry, I just watched “Billy Madison”)

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