High School Crushes 68-Song Lip Sync With Single-Take Music Video All For Charity


Ever since learning that kids 13-17 only make up 10 percent of YouTube’s UK contingent, I’ve been hesitant to show any youth-related crap. But these kids from Avon High do a pretty good job with their single-take lip dub song mashup of 64 cool songs (and 4 shitty ones), so we might as well throw ‘em a scrap. The kids are dancing on behalf of Indiana University’s Riley Hospital as part of a nationwide dance marathon fundraiser. Feel like helping some kids today? Click here. Don’t feel like helping some kids today? Click here.

350 different schools are participating in dance-themed events, but only Avon High (in Indiana) went viral. Suck it, 349 other schools. Better luck helping sick kids next year.

Make this article go viral as well — after all, it’s for sick kids.

Here are some other sick kids:

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