How YouTube Can Brilliantly Solve Their Music Service Issues

YouTube is delaying its music service … AGAIN.

You know what would happen if I kept putting off writing articles? My bosses would take away my company-issued Ferrari and entourage of female models/assassins that protect me around the clock (only one of them gets to ride in the Ferrari with me at a time though — safety first). So what’s the deal? Apparently YouTube is somewhat nervous about the manner in which their service looks. Considering that there is already extremely stiff competition from Spotify, Pandora and Rdio, YouTube wants to come out full guns blazing. But apparently they have a problem: What about all those songs that don’t have music videos? It is YouTube after all, you gotta have video accompaniment.


Some have suggested doing the karaoke thing where they just play stock footage or the lyrics across the screen, but YouTube doesn’t seem to be in love with those ideas — hence the delays. First the service was supposed to come out late last year, then the date got moved to sometime this summer; now, who knows?

Look, it’s clear that YouTube really needs some help, and since I am a close, personal friend of YouTube (we go to the same juice spot), I am going to “help” them out. Here’s what we’re gonna do: we put out a giant list of all the songs that need videos. We offer a million dollars (it’s probably a big list so it needs a big reward) to whomever makes the best music video. There’s no limit to how many times people can enter, BUT ONLY ONE SONG CAN BE SELECTED PER VIDEO. Once a song has been chosen from the list, it’s off limits for one month. If a video for that song hasn’t been posted to the site at the end of that month, the song goes back on the “available” list. The unlimited entries thing works because at the end of the day, it’s more about getting unique and interesting imagery for each song than it is about paying someone the cash prize. Hell, turn it into a super kickass contest that drums up a ton of “free” publicity for the launch of the YouTube music site. It could be epic (AND involve all those aspiring filmmakers you love to promote)! And YouTube, don’t forget your ol’ pal Jeff when you do it!


If you think YouTube should award you a million dollars for putting out the most awesome music video ever, tell your friends about this article. Start one of those grassroots things.

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