Is Reddit’s ‘Worst’ Subreddit Back Up And Running? Creepshots Has A New Name …


When I was a kid, a man wanted to open a strip club in my small hometown. The city came up with all sorts of ways to “not be zoned” for a nudie bar. So that guy did what any savvy T&A proprietor worth his salt would do — he opened up a nude RV sales store. After all, there was nothing in the zoning laws about women having to wear clothing when selling RVs. He parked two rusty old RVs on his land and then opened a strip club. That club is still there all these years later.


The point of that little story is that you can’t beat “the devil.” If people want something, they’re going to do what it takes to get it. Take “Creepshots” for instance — a slightly sleazy subreddit on the so-called “Front Page of the Internet” where guys would post photos of random women in sexy public attire, even underage girls and upskirt photos. Creepshots got banned after it attracted too much negative publicity. But supposedly, Creepshots is back — under the pretense of being a “fashion review” site.

Called CandidFashionPolice, Creepshots is mostly back to its old tricks, albeit with a little more effort from the creeps. Now instead of saying, “I’d like to bang her while her children watch”-type comments, we get, “Gurl, that purse don’t match them shoes,” and it’s obviously a woman bent over so you can see her thong through her pants. But CandidPhotoPolice has changed its tune somewhat. Now, quite clearly, two of the few rules for the site are no one under 18 and no upskirts. So is Creepshots really back? Is CandidPhotoPolice any worse than photographing oddballs for “People of Walmart”?

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 6.21.35 PM

Are these photographed strangers really “victims”? There’s an old maxim that goes, “The problem with bikinis is that not just the people you want to see you in them look — everyone looks.”

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