Is YouTube Looking Towards TV? Their New Ad Campaign Seems to Say So

A little while back NMR told you about a forthcoming YouTube advertising campaign featuring the likes of Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan and Rosanna Pansino. First the campaign popped up in print form last week — now the girls of YouTube have hit the airwaves, appearing in promotional spots between the “MTV Movie Awards” and “Mad Men.” The big unanswered question is “Why?”

Why is YouTube putting out commercials on television, why did they choose those creators and why now?

The last question is the easiest to answer: because SOMETHING is coming. What that something is, has yet to be seen. After all, a good magician never gives away their secrets until they are ready, and Google is a great magician with a hat full of interesting rabbits. We can certainly guess though, and the general media consensus seems to be an actual YouTube Television Network — the new MTV. How Machiavellian then that they would begin running their ads during the crumbling empire of the old vanguard — a sort of “fuck you” to their predecessors (and don’t think they are above doing this sort of smug orchestration — this is a company whose motto is “Don’t Be Evil” after all — a sort of creepy “Watchmen”/Isaac Asimov sentiment if there ever was one).

Also interesting is that Google would be looking towards television as television seems to be looking in at Google — what does the big tech company get that the networks and the rest of us are missing? Is television and not digital video the true apex of the entertainment medium? Is TV really as good as it’s going to get, or is there a bizarre hybrid of the two that transcends both mediums? We’ll worry about that later — right now, we’re too interested in building a mountain out of this molehill.

The why of their subjects is interesting too; is Google saying they need more from the female demographic? Why three female creators outright and not a mix of boys/girls or channels that feature a mix … were popular channels like Smosh and PewDiePie and the Pentatonix too busy to be on TV? Not only did they choose three predominantly female channels, but all three were very girly — two fashion channels and a cooking show. Not a girl gamer or action channel in the mix. Nope, YouTube is hunting female viewers and trying to convince the hold-outs that YouTube is the place for girly-girl stuff.

Right now, all we can do is ask that question — why? I trust that we’ll get those answers — I just worry what they are.

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