Let The Countdown Begin: Presenting The 10 Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Videos [VOTE INSIDE]


When I started at NMR, I couldn’t give a spit about “Game of Thrones.” But since that time, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! A brilliant show! And finally, we’re getting our (long overdue) next installment! But if you think I’m excited and you’re excited, just check out how excited these YouTube creators must have been to make awesome “Game of Thrones” fan videos! Gosh, NMR don’t know which of these 10 we like the best — maybe you can help us choose? Watch all 10 and vote for your favorite video below — don’t just do that thing where you automatically choose your favorite creator. Okay, fine, turn it into a popularity contest and do that thing …

But still, watch all these videos because they are a-mazing!

10. The “Game of Thrones” Birthday Rap For A 10-Year-Old

9. AVByte Gives “GoT” The “Disney Touch”

8. “Arrested Development” Meets “Game of Thrones” From Cracked

7. Hitler Finds Out About Ned Stark

6. Flula Lists The Reasons “GoT” RULES

5. Bad Lip Reading Does “GoT”

4. “Princess Bride”/”GoT” Mashup

3. Tobuscus’ Literal “Game of Thrones” Trailer

2. “Game of Thrones” As 80s Sitcom

1. Key of Awesome’s “GoT” Maroon 5 Parody

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