‘Let’s Get Social’ Is Easily The Worst Song of 2014, Strong Contender For Ever [VIDEO]

Videos like this make me paranoid because this guy is clearly so proud of this stupid-ass song. Like he is so excited to admit he wrote it and he is so pleased with his little “rap” (at 3:50 — that is where this gets really cringey), it makes me think of anything I’ve ever done in life that I’ve been proud of. Have I done anything this lame and just been fortunate that no one has put a video of that moment out on the internet?

I think of the time in my apartment I (as a grown-ass man) was rocking out in my underwear to that awful country rap song “I Play Chicken With The Train” by (sigh) Cowboy Troy and my brother pretended someone was at the open door behind me. The mortification I felt in that moment until I turned around and realized nobody was there still haunts me. So, yes, I can at least empathize with this poor, poor bastard. He’s probably in denial about how awful this song is — it will come, sir, it will come.

If you’ve heard a worse song in the last year, don’t share this article. If not though, share away!

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