Lindsey Stirling ‘Shatters’ The YouTube Space L.A. For Her Album Debut Party [INTERVIEW]

Need proof that something awesome is happening in L.A.? Take last night for instance — a seemingly mundane Tuesday night, right? Well, that’s unless you were one of the hundreds of souls who were rocking the night away at the YouTube Space for Lindsey Stirling’s album release party. Of course, NMR was on scene — and so was Godzilla, as pieces and props from the film decorated the Space for the latest set project.


From the who’s who of YouTubers gabbing, noshing, networking and drinking at the open bar, Lindsey stood above the crowd and debuted the latest single from her forthcoming new album “Shatter Me.” Not only is this album Lindsey’s most personal and self-liberating, it is further proof that she is coming into her own as the fiercest and most talented violinist hitting the world’s sidewalks these days. Well-wishers and friends like Chester See, Andre Meadows and Steve Kardynal were present to cheer on the beautiful Stirling as she once again made the space her own. Of course, as big a superstar as she is becoming, she still had time to chat with her old pals from NMR — and spend some quality time with the fluffy and fun canine that is now the unofficial YouTube Space mascot.


Now tell me about Charlie here.

Lindsey Stirling: Well, I come to the YouTube Space a lot, and Charlie I think is here every time I come. He kind of is the dog of the YouTube Space, so we love him.

He seems to love you, it seems.

He loves everybody.

It’s a positive attribute, I suppose, in a communal dog.

Well, I’ve actually heard that dogs improve work morale; having a dog in an office space actually makes people happier.

Do you have a dog at home?

I grew up with pets. I want a dog so bad but I travel so much — I was just in China two days ago. It would be tough, but it hasn’t stopped me. I still look at pictures online; I know what kind of dog I want.

You’re not quite doing that diva yet where you’re carrying your dog in a purse and insisting it flies first class with you?

Almost, almost [laughs].

Is this the album that’s going to put you there?

Maybe. We’ll see how this album does. It might put me over the edge.

So “Shatter Me,” where does that come from?

The whole theme of the overall album is about breaking free and learning, so it’s kind of my process that I went to to rediscover who I was and be okay with that person and then love that person and share that person. It all started kind of with the theme of “Shatter Me” — I had to break free from the shell that I put over myself, and so that’s why it’s “Shatter Me.”

Now do you feel like you actually were able to come out of that insulation that you built for yourself?

You know, I really do. It took a lot of work and it was actually a very painful process to come out of it. I had some really tough issues I had to work out in my own life, ranging from depression to I had an eating disorder. I didn’t love myself, and it took a lot of work because that process I went through to find myself actually is something I continuously do. There’s always going to be walls; we always will be building walls around ourselves and putting ourselves in boxes or the world puts us in a box. But now that I’ve really been through that process before, it’s going to help me break down barriers in the future.


So is “Shatter Me” going to be the first video?

Well, the first single already has a video that was released about a month ago. And “Shatter Me” is coming out tomorrow with a video — we’re actually premiering the video tonight. It’s about this ballerina in a music box, and she basically has to break through this world that’s around her and find freedom.

Now why the YouTube Space for your album release party?

What a better place than YouTube! One, I love this Space. This has been a place of creative freedom for me. When I come into this place to make a video, it’s kind of like the sky’s the limit —they have so many resources. And I love working here because it’s a land of creativity. Every room is always filled with people just creating art and they’re passionate about it. YouTube has been my number one support from the beginning, and so what a better place than the YouTube Space to have my party.

And it’s got Charlie too.

And Charlie’s here! A nice bonus!

So are you going to go on a huge tour for the album?

We leave mid-May. We’ll be on tour for two months just in the US and then we go to Europe for a month and a half. And then after that, who knows where else. The rest of the year is going to be pretty full of touring, but I love touring, I love the road.

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