Most Important YouTube Deal Yet? Freddie Wong’s Studio RocketJump Partners With Lionsgate

What could possibly beat the news that Relativity Media is trying to steal Maker Studios from Disney? How about the reveal that Freddie Wong’s studio RocketJump has partnered with LionsGate Films?

The house that built “Video Game High School” is now in business with the production company responsible for “American Psycho,” “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games.” Exact terms of the deal, which is for multiple years, were not disclosed. The deal is expected to bring a RocketJump-level of storytelling to mainstream audiences and a Lionsgate sense of marketing and promotional finesse to YouTube.

“It’s rare to find a corporate partner who encourages true creativity,” Wong said to the L.A. Times. “But our meetings with Lionsgate’s creative team convinced us that this is the right move for RocketJump and our millions of fans.”

This deal should send RocketJump’s abilities into outer space.

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