My Damn Channel Rebrands As Omnivision Entertainment, Signs YouTube Musician Sara Maria Forsberg

From the My Damn Channel press release: “My Damn Channel founders Rob Barnett and Warren Chao today announced the launch of Omnivision Entertainment reflecting an integrated, united vision of traditional, digital and social media as the company evolves into a multi-platform, 360° entertainment company.”

image003-9What it really means: My Damn Channel was too kickass a name to be “corporate” — the MCN is getting to that place where they are so successful they have to start thinking of the bigger picture. A name like My Damn Channel is too edgy and so they’ve rebranded as Omnivision Entertainment — a company that is a little more accessible to Joe & Jane Biblethumper in Middle America. Damn you, flyover states!

Correction: Omnivision you, flyover states!

Apparently the rebranding worked though because they’ve just announced a new artist for their Omnivision label: 19-year-old European music sensation and all-around talent Sara Maria Forsberg, who you might know as Smoukahontas, or “That girl from that viral video where she does all the accents.”

“Sara loves to work with people who have all of their heart in the game and who want to make quality over quantity,” said Johannes Ylinen, Sara’s manager. “She is a precious diamond with true talent, and a key to her success will be coordinated, cooperative relationships that allow her to realize her full star potential. I personally think it is amazing to see how Warren and the Omnivision team, in addition to this deal, are committed to supporting Sara’s musical career and giving her the freedom to pursue this interest, alongside her role at Omnivision, to further showcase her many talents.”

I’m calling it here — I think Sara is going to be the next MAJOR star. Mark my words, people, Omnivision made a very good deal in partnering with her.

I should change my name … maybe I would get attractive and talented girls to sign with me?

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