Nintendo Waves Small Surrender Flag With Announcement of New YouTube Access For Mario Kart Gamers

Nintendo hasn’t exactly been endearing itself to YouTubers lately, so now with the sales of their latest Wii in the toilet, it will be interesting to see how many gamers they can lure in with this hook …

Mario Kart 8 comes with the ability to create highlight reels and, a first for the Nintendo console, the ability to upload video straight to YouTube. Currently Xbox One can do this on a system level and Playstation 4 plans on adding a similar feature eventually. Additionally, those of you who purchase Mario Kart 8 (which goes on sale May 30) before July 31, will get a download code for one of four free digital games.


Nintendo came off as the head bad guy boss (whether fairly or not) in the recent gamer copyright kerfuffle, so it is interesting to see them court the YouTube crowd. Hopefully this heralds a shift in the conversation between major companies and the creators who help float their products.

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