Say it ain’t so, Joe [Bereta] … Elliott Morgan Leaves The SourceFed Family

Sad news for Joe Bereta and the Sourcefed family — Elliott Morgan has peaced out. Posting a simple message to their Facebook wall, Sourcefed announced the heartbreaking news that the “J.C. Chasez of the Sourcefed family” (no, I will not tell you which person the other members are — or which one doesn’t get to be included) has filmed his last segment — set to be released over the next couple days.

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 7.35.47 PM

While the pain is still too sharp to start thinking about shining up my resume, I just want Elliott to know that he will be missed. I’m going to post our behind-the-scenes footage from when NMR got to spend the day with Sourcefed — just know that if I wasn’t such a lazy person, I would totally dub that sad Sarah McLachlan song over the footage — you know the one.

Best of luck, Elliott. It won’t be the same show without you, bud!

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