Shark Tale? Dreamworks Animation May Be Looking To Gobble Up Vevo in Latest YouTube Takeover

Nom nom nom … that’s the sound of giant media companies gobbling up YouTube companies like movie theatre popcorn mixed with Hot Tamales (try it — it’s good). Next up to be devoured? Vevo. The devourer? Dreamworks Animation, the studio behind hits like “Shrek” and “Puss In Boots.” Also, there was that pesky matter of Dreamworks Animation buying AwesomenessTV which then recently bought MCN Big Frame (it’s like one of those Russian nesting dolls, YouTube style).

recent shark attacks

While much of this is still speculation and rumor — no one is ever sure how much of Vevo, the music company-turned-YouTube-channel-turned-stand-alone-website, Dreamworks Animation wants to buy. Dreamworks Animation certainly isn’t the first to pursue the channel that owns some of YouTube’s hottest property — music videos (if YouTube were Monopoly, Vevo would be the orange squares). In the past, both the Guggenheim Partners (owner of the Dodgers) and The Chernin Group (owner of … some other stuff) have put out bids on Vevo only to be rebuffed. Is the third time the charm for this popular lady? If current trends have anything to say about it, NMR owner Danny Zappin will probably sue to block the sale. Just sayin’.

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