StampyLongHead Partners With Maker For Education-Based ‘Minecraft’ Channel

StampyLongHead is looking to become the Mr. Rogers of gaming.

British gamer Joseph Garrett, who goes by the gaming handle StampyLongHead, has just partnered up with Maker Studios to create a new gaming channel that is purely education-based. Revolving around the infinite world of “Minecraft,” Garett aims to teach children positive lessons and intelligence-growing lessons from the digital space rather than just playing games for the sake of it.


Garrett first got into the gaming world after he started doing Let’s Play videos in college while attempting to be a video game journalist. Once he realized there was a career in being a professional gamer he went in that direction and has since amassed over 2.3 million subscribers.

Already StampyLongHead was headed in a family-friendly direction: Once he realized children were watching his videos, he cut out the swearing and excessive violence to make the experience a little more healthy.

Clearly he’s got the attention of the kids and the land of make believe — now all he needs are some slippers and a pleasant cardigan.

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