StyleHaul, Fullscreen Split Over Their Futures With YouTube

Ashley Kaplan, head of content for Fullscreen, had some interesting words to say at a NewFronts panel session yesterday while discussing the future of her MCN with YouTube:

“We’re not going to program original content on YouTube. We will be evolving off of YouTube, and as that happens we will be creating for that platform.”

Fullscreen-Black-LogoOn the other hand, Stephanie Horbaczewski, CEO of StyleHaul, who was on the same panel, said:

“There is no other platform right now that has anywhere near the audience or engagement. This is the place to be for us … the multi-platform conversation is across social platforms and not about moving video off of YouTube.”

Two very different planning strategies revealed by two major (and unrelated) MCNs. What does it mean for Fullscreen, StyleHaul, YouTube and creators like you? Good question. For now, nothing. But in the near future, depending on the MCN with which you align yourself (or hope to), there could be some choppy waters and big choices ahead.


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