The Ugly Truth: Should YouTubers Have A Political Opinion At The Cost Of Viewers?

There seems to be a stop gap between entertainment and politics that a lot of people can’t get over. We don’t want our entertainers to have valid opinions about controversial topics because if we don’t agree with them, for some reason, we can’t like them anymore.

Such has been the case with celebrity YouTubers stepping into the activist role like Hannah Hart, Nice Peter and Michelle Phan have recently done. For her part, in a recent video, Hart displays some of the mean comments from her “fans” who disagree with the Affordable HealthCare Act agenda she has been presenting lately. And let me assure you, those words were not very nice ones.

Should YouTubers be stepping into the political game though? Should they offer up opinions that might be construed as unpopular at the risk of their livelihood? In a word: absolutely. Celebrity culture is such that “regular people” feel like they own celebrities. Celebrities get paid well and have cool opportunities, but in exchange for that, non-celebrities feel there is a level of ownership involved — celebs should “have” to take photos, sign autographs and always adhere to exactly their perceived personality type. Regular joes don’t like Adam Sandler when he isn’t being funny, Megan Fox when she is pregnant or Nice Peter when he isn’t “sticking to the script” and making Epic Rap Battles. And that’s a mindset that celebrities can only escape by altering their perception.

It’s good for both celebrities and normals to erode this pedestal/puppet relationship. Michelle Phan doesn’t owe us anything and we don’t owe her anything. She makes tutorial videos on how to be pretty, which is of value to people who don’t necessarily know all the tricks on their own and she gets to thrive off of our attention through endorsements and advertising. There isn’t a dominant or a submissive in the celebrity/normal relationship (though both “sides” don’t believe that, clearly), and videos like the one Michelle made speaking out about human trafficking challenge that mentality. It might cost her some views, but the views she and Hannah and Nice Peter and others lose are the viewers with the wrong mentality anyhow.

Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo or the popular opinion, YouTubers. You’re in a unique platform that allows you the access to do so; make the most of it and set your opinion free.

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